These works were created for one side of a collaborative accordian book. The other side involved one long horizontal collaborative work.

JMB CMB accordian side two (Click image to view large)

Only six copies of this book exist right now. 3.5″ ht. x 17″ length unfolded.

Xray-Vision-collaborative-accordian-book  JMB CMB accordian cover

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We ran into Christine Hayes in the Worthington OH post office a bit over a week ago. Christine was on her way to Comfest in the Short North area of Columbus, and so upon exiting the post office we were regaled with her ART CAR. As I took the opportunity to snap these photos, she asked me to remind folks “Do Not Touch the Art Cars”. Can you believe that some people have the nerve to lean up against or even sit on them! Christine’s assembled paraphenalia of colorful found objects and small toys and now, I’ve noticed, computer keys, is just such amazing EYE & MIND CANDY that I can’t resist sharing these photos here. She’s been sharing her art car at community events for decades now, and I feel a great sense of camaraderie with her with regards to her art aesthetic. She’s also a fellow Aldus Society member and works at the Acorn Bookshop in Grandview, where we visited yesterday and I picked up a load of cheap, used books and books on CD (for my long-distance car trips).

overview of Asemic Shadows with Cheryl PennCheryl Penn is an artist living in South Africa. See her book arts at THIS BLOG

We have exchanged mail art and have done a collaborative book together once before. This time Cheryl mailed six original 3.5 x 2.5 inch sections of a painting she did, along with a color photo of the original full sized painting. I scanned the six painted pieces and digitally dissected the color photo to create more page images for our book. Then I added my linear pictoglyphs, using her paintings as inspiration.


I inkjet printed nine of these, sprayed with UV protective coating, added varying collage elements, and different cord colors and beads to secure the book shut for storage. It was a real pleasure to work with Cheryl Penn’s painting for my fourth collaborative accordian book. I’ve posted all four for sale on ETSY (click here if interested).

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My related “Little Stories” YouTube video is HERE

Note: Shawn McMurtagh’s text is in lower part of each page.

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In June 2014 I visited The Fluxus Indian Museum which resides in an apartment over a garage in the building known as “The Carriage House”. It’s part of Garst Farm Resort and located within the Whiterock Conservancy, which is about 60 miles upstream from Des Moines, IA (click on the Whiterock website for specific directions). As this is a resort area (canoeing, hiking, excellent bird-watching, a beautiful old barn with three floors available for social events, a visitors center, etc.) the second floor apartment in the carriage house is available for a daily rental fee, and Allen Bukoff’s Fluxus Indian materials & placards – which belong to Elizabeth (Liz) Garst – can be viewed by appointment if no one is renting the place when you want to come by (current keeper of reservations is available at PH#712-790-3024). Click on the thumbnails to view large and to read the placards. Click on THE FLUXUS INDIAN MUSEUM, Allen Bukoff’s website, to learn more. There is a separate display in the apartment’s bathroom of items contributed to the museum by previous visitors. I did not photograph those items, but they are also really fun to see. Liz said the bathroom is one of her favorite parts of the museum. I left her with a gift* as well, though I’m not sure she’ll be able to work it into the bathroom display. (*A ceramic dino-dog made by Levent Isik.)

After seeing the museum I sat down with Liz Garst to chat about the museum and how she went to school with Allen in Coon Rapids and about her family’s endowment of Garst Farm to the conservancy. She’s only had one complaint about associating the idea of a fictional Indian tribe with articles in the museum, and will not feel compelled to end the display unless additional complaints are forth coming. I view the association as good, clean fluxus fun — much like the “Steam Punk” scene ripping off artifacts of the Victorian age and convoluting them to express something entirely new. The Fluxus Indians are a kind of fictional anthropology, much like fictional countries which mail artists create in order to design their own cinderella postage artistamps. The exhibit is getting old now, as seen by the fading placards and aging materials as they develop the patina of a “real historical museum”. In a couple small shelves placed at eye level between book shelves are collections of miniature artifacts which I caught in a few of the photos in this blog. Liz doesn’t remember if Allen arranged them or if she arranged them as she accumulated small items over the years. A few books associated with Fluxus are amid lots of other books displayed near the fluxus miniature paraphernalia, so it would be fun to go back someday and spend a night or two at the apartment perusing the books, and a day enjoying the stream and parkland areas, and perhaps check out the goings-ons in nearby Coon Rapids as well.

Our Memorial Day weekend involved dinner served up on this year’s new back yard patio with special guest, Edward Lense, who has written collaborative cinquains with us before so was not surprised when I brought out my little notebook after we ate. Here are seven dishes I’m consequently able to serve up to you now:


Chess board

Shadows echo

Off refridgerator

Two chairs at the kitchen table



Spread thumb

Across a drum

Stirrup hits the anvil

Drinks the soap contamination

In sync


Weird dogs

Spermy leggings

Domino spots inside

Dalmations go berserk outside

The ship



To my liver

Smoky shave’d with egg

Yolks beating down the crooked path

Egg whites


Boil foot

With critter ears

Hummus and eye of newt

Tampons shredded with mosquitos

Mix well


This week’s

Broken faucets

Lost gnat shivers on hat

These are lost and found items like

Odd socks


Suit leak

Makes for sticky

Dinosaur bloody teeth

Sunk into your foaming arm pit

You stink


Listen HERE

Snapshot 1 (8-28-2013 2-44 PM)

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