My Past

Posted: July 8, 2010 in fluxus, poetry
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Note: This list was typed onto Adding Tape, wound onto a spool, and mailed to South America for a mail-art exhibit on April 30, 1983:

My car

My house

My job

My art

My mail

My food

My clothes

My husband

My art

My songs

My sleep

My memory

My glasses

My poetry

My bread

My gas

My ass

My permanent

My piano

My dishes

My work

My hearing

My walking

My touch

My friends

My Falcon

My junk

My room

My chair

My mother

My neighbor

My films

My scissors

My books

My future

My initial

My art

My letter

My feelings

My age

My doctor

My cunt

My pillow

My type

My cleaning

My city

My coffee

My sewing

My hair

My weekend

My money

My stepson

My sisters

My floor

My fingers

My bank

My vacation

My body

My husband

My voice

My street

My coat

My laundry

My stamps

My glue

My tires

My words

My dusting

My visits

My shopping

My savings

My house

My baking

My postcards

My friends

My reading

My brothers

My ring

My rugs

My thread

My pants

My yard

My door

My music

My husband

My dinner

My face

My hangers

My telephone

My answers

My costume

My dancing

My job

My sleep

My robe

My pen

My bending

My aches

My feelings

My sky

My ears

My feet

My chair

My morning

My car

My garbage

My painting

My father

C Mehrl Bennett

(Photo of me taken by my father October 1966)

  1. sheila murphy says:

    I love this piece
    I love this photo
    I love this friend!


  2. Artswebshow says:

    this is so much fun.
    Great poem


  3. slpmartin says:

    Quite a clever way of capturing one’s life…rather enjoyed it.


  4. My oh My. It’s going to be an interesting blog.


  5. that is a really cool photograph.


    • cmehrlbennett says:

      Thanks, Cecil. By the way, I did not forget that I promised to send the photo I took of my son and his friends posing with my son’s first car. The photo album seems to have displaced itself, perhaps buried by piles of unorganized other stuff. I even checked to see if my son had it, but NO.


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