Harvey Pekar

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Comic Book Artist
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Notice of Harvey Pekar’s death appeared at Cleveland.com after his death on July 12, 2010. I MISS HARVEY PEKAR, and am especially thankful for his valuable contributions to our culture, such as his books “American Splendor” and “My Cancer Years”.  My friend,  Sue Lense, did an interview with Harvey during the Ohioana Book Festival in Spring  2008, and I was there with my camera.  Sue is the illustrator and author of a comic she calls “Onion City”. Harvey referred to his 2008 collaboration with a local young cartoonist, Tara Seibel, in the interview, and you can view Tara and Harvey’s comics (Tara illustrates Harvey’s script) in Issues No. 47 thru Issue No. 49 from the “ARCHIVES” page of www.nakedsunfish (Editor: Rick Brown). Sue’s interview with Harvey Pekar appears in Issue No. 48, the July 2008 issue. Note that Sue’s comic, “Onion City”, is a regular item at www.nakedsunfish, as are my own digital images.

UPDATE NOTE!  SEE ISSUE NO.61at www.nakedsunfish.com for Tara Seibel’s ODE TO HARVEY PEKAR… IT WAS JUST PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 12, 2010,  just one week after a big write up about Harvey Pekar in the New York Times.

Sue Lense and Harvey Pekar at 2008 Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus OH


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