Road Toads

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Digital Art, poetry
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Ill noise

First feet

Lake dish

Flux test

Minute toot

Cloud ditch

Missed fence

Clatter truck

Narrow load

Gas tree

Flock train

Dashed wire

CD voice

Arrow sign

Loose barrels

Inverted exit

Flat animal

Radio detour

Orange clue

Repeated reflectors

Dashing lines

Linked fields

Bug wacker

Mileage mug

Tripped ink

GPS trance

Stall stop

Radar pass

Static zone

Billboard page

Railing weeds

Sky hill

3-D tree

2-D line

Parked post

Bird loop

Whithering weather

Glanced map

Veiled eyes

Visored mind

Body belt

Butt cruise

Fast meats

Coffee bleats

River pleat

Ritual bridge

Car blurt

Field matter

Slope gather

Patterning bumps

Speeding flicker

Tire feet

Shadow print

Displaced mirage

Window movie

Hand wheel

Déjà mirror

Billboard itch

Wide towed

Wind flown

Tarred cracks

Atonal horizon

Buffeted bush

Fuel remittance

Resting pad

Gear shirting

Puzzle lane

Finger management

Metal incubator

Gas issuance

Issuing pass

Biker blip

Flagging grunt

Toilet hunt

Snack facts

Coffee plug

Asphalt links

Inflated maps

(Written in long hand while driving on July 14th / edited today)


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