Wall of RAIN – Pummels Roof of Walmart

Posted: July 21, 2010 in visual poetry

Drove back from Iowa yesterday – hitting a wall of rain right before Indianapolis, where I took refuge for awhile in a Walmart in Brownsburg. Ended up with three large bags of clothes pins and six five yard bolts of gray-green translucent filmy curtain material ($5 a bolt). Am thinking about how to display the mailart visual poetry exhibit at Skylab next month, here in Columbus OH. 

 Thoughts for translucent material – if mailart is displayed on one side, the backside of the mailart should be visible from the other side, also.  I might use needle and thread to sew each piece onto the material (without pin holes/ looping around four corners). We could hang the material from lines zigzagged between two walls.

Material that has nothing relevant on the backside could be hung on the gallery walls via clothes pins  glued to long wood strips. May need to spraypaint the wood strips and clothes pins white to match the wall? Or  spray them with red and black, silver or gold, something interesting.

 We’ll use a table for Carol Stetser’s folders and for  Calcagno Cullen’s bound 100 photocopied NYC letters project from 2009 and for Jeff Crouch’s game board and for Eat Art’s wooden box/left in the cardboard mailing box for access to the title on the mailing box/which is the only reason one can justify calling it vispo in the first place.

That’s a whole other question I’ve had to face with this project – what constitutes ‘visual poetry’ versus ‘art’ versus some image that someone just feels is “poetic”? It’s a fine line, and one which I approach very much like I approach mailart – that is, without censorship or judgements. But I’ve got my limits, as I’m only human. My son, who is the main gallery curator at Skylab, requested that pornographic images should not be disallowed within the mailart call itself. I had two people who kindly worked out the problem with me – they had plenty of other works and had no  real need to include the questionable pieces.  And I’m talking about jpegs submitted as email attachments, not mailart. ALL the mailart will be in the exhibit/ no exceptions — oops, there WAS ONE postcard from a graphic artist who “somehow”” did not notice the “visual poetry” theme and sent me a photograph of a ferris wheel — we worked it out and she sent me a different postcard that was a collage of signage. And there was one email with a jpeg attached that was nothing more then a photo of a field of flowers — sorry,but  that email was simply ignored/ I did not even respond. There was another email from someone with an image that I questioned the merits of being visual poetry, and I DID send him an email to that affect, and then I was rewarded with a very fine piece of visual poetry in return. So, on the whole, it’s all worked out pleasantly. So far, so good.

Judge for yourself  HERE

Read the gray text under the blog title for info and instructions on navigating to the mailart call itself, which was the first posting in April.


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