Moving Towards a New Vision of Poetry

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Avant Writing Symposium, book review, Uncategorized, visual poetry
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Mirium Luras and Jorge Luiz Antonio

Note: CMB updated this posting at the end of 2010 and later made a brief parenthetical update ***2014.
A new anthology called “The Last Vispo”/ to be subtitled something like “a decade of visual poetry from 1998-2008” is in the works by editors Nico Vassilakis and Crag Hill. I was invited, along with four other people, to contribute a list of 40 suggestions to Nico and Crag, with images and email addresses  to accompany my list.  Then the two of them were to contact their final selection of visual poets to include in the anthology. At one point Crag Hill told me that nearly ALL of our suggestions could be included — up to 300 people in fact — However, the final list of people they came back to me with is less then half that number. So, go figure! HERE is a link to The Last Vispo website. Nico and Crag are currently looking for a publisher for THE LAST VISPO (***UPDATE: Fantagraphic Press in Seattle, OR, USA published The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998 – 2008, November 3, 2012 in paperback). Hopefully they will include the essays from each of us original editors. My final draft was written over a year ago and has since been published in Latin America via Jorge Luiz Antonio’s new edition of his book. Jorge’s book is NOW available with English translations from Luna Bisonte Prods (click at right)  DIGITAL POETRY: THEORY, HISTORY, ANTHOLOGIES. Jorge described (below) in an excerpt from an email to Nico and Crag – for the sake of listing publication credits in the anthology with the essay:

“The book and DVD, which is coming soon, is titled Poesia digital: teoria, história, antologias, as Catherine has told you. This is a co-edition: Navegar Pess, and FAPESP (The Sao Paulo Foundation Resource), both from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Luna Bisonte Prods.” “There will be another edition only by Luna Bisonte Prods with all chapters translated into English (I am contracting translators, besides myself, to do it).

The essay by Catherine Mehrl Bennett, which is excellent, is quoted as the following, according to Brazil way of quoting, the institution ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms):

BENNETT, Catherine Mehrl. Moving Towards a New Vision of Poetry. In: ANTONIO, Jorge Luiz. Poesia digital: negociações com os processos digitais: teoria, historia, antologias / Digital Poetry: Negotiations with Digital Processes: Theory, History, Anthologies. São Paulo, SP: Navegar; Columbus, Ohio, EUA: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2010. DVD.”

Jorge was at the 2nd Avant Writing Symposium (here in Columbus OH at OSU in August 2010) to present. His presentation was listed as:

Jorge Luiz Antonio – 9:00 am Saturday August 21st

Digital Avant-Garde Experimental Poetry:

Another Genre of Contemporary Poetry?

We enjoyed spending time with Jorge and his wife, Mirium, especially as we’d already been together in Mexico City and in Montevideo, Uruguay during two other exciting vispo events. The language is a barrier for Mirium and myself, but we are pretty good with eye contact and body language if nothing else! Above is a photo of Jorge and Mirium, taken by me during the Skylab opening during the 2nd Avant Writing Symposium at OSU.

As another aside, below are two 2009 anthologies in which I had some visual poetry published:

aND, mIEKAL (2009)Spidertangle Anthology – An Anthology of Visual Poetry, Xeoxial Editions, West Lima, WI 2009. ISBN 1-4382-5818-6 ISBN 978-1-4382-5818-8 1st edition printed in a numbered edition of 200 – Includes Cecil Touchon, Brian Zimmer, KS Ernst, Grace Vadja, Derek White, Reed Altemus, PR Primeau, David Chikhladze, Matthew Stolte, John M Bennett, Irving Weiss, Geof Huth, Crag Hill, Carlos Luis, Dan Waber, Nico Vassilakis, Michael Peters, Ric Royer, Bob Grumman, Amira Hanafi, Donna Kuhn, David-Baptiste Chirot, Joel Lipman, Lanny Quarles, Kevin Thurston, Ross Priddle, Petra Backonja, Reid Wood & Michelle Greenblatt, Karl Young, Karl Kempton,Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Michael Basinski, Sheila Murphy, William James Austin, Jukka-Pekka Kervenin, Peter Ciccariello, C Mehrl Bennett, Maria Damon, endwar, Martha Deed, Laura Goldstein, Igor Satanovsky & Lenny Drozner, Camille Martin, Márton Koppány, mIEKAL aND, Richard Kostelanetz, Derek Beaulieu,  Marco Giovenale, Liaizon Wakest, Jefferson Hansen & CamillE Bacos
Grumman, Bob (2009) Visio-Textual Selectricity, the Anthology of Favorites of Their Own Work Chosen by 21 Visio-Textual Artists – The Runaway Spoon Press, ISBN 978-1-57141-079-5 – Includes: David-Baptiste Chirot, Geof Huth, mIEKAL aND, Cecil Touchon, Márton Koppány, Karl Young, Peter Ciccariello, KS Ernst, Nico Vassilakis, Joel Lipman, John M. Bennett, Karl Kempton, Larkin Higgins, C Mehrl Bennett, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, endwar, Michael Basinski,Jefferson Hansen, Sheila E. Murphy, John Vieira
  1. Jorge Luiz Antonio says:

    Thanks a lot, Catherine, for a good comment you wrote on my book and DVD.


  2. cmehrlbennett says:

    Jorge, take a look at John’s reformatted website: and I have included a headline on the home page that links directly to your book … the text was composed by John and I uploaded it to the website with images.


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