Minnesota Center for Book Arts 2007

Posted: November 22, 2010 in book review, collaboration, visual poetry

Leslie Scott Helmes, Thomas M Cassidy, John M Bennett


This (above word -Vispoeologee-) is a link to this limited edition book project, which involved the editing efforts of Scott Helmes, Thomas M. Cassidy, and John M. Bennett.
An image of one of my visual poems is accessible from that link, as I was lucky enough to be included (I have an ‘in’ with one of the editors).
What follows is a short excerpt of it’s description on the Vispoeologee site, but because it was a limited edition I’m unsure what might still be available:

The 2007 Winter Book is available in Deluxe, Standard and Chapbook editions, each designed by MCBA Artistic Director Jeff Rathermel. Printers Allison Chapman and Monica Edwards Larson used a variety of methods to reproduce the work, including letterpress, digital printing and relief printmaking. Binders and collaters arrived from across the artistic community, fulfilling the tradition of relying on volunteers for the final touches of another magnificent Winter Book.


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