Birth the Enormous

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Written in the car between Columbus and Mt. Vernon, Ohio and performed after Thanksgiving dinner in Mt.Vernon Ohio by Dina Sherman, John M. Bennett, C. Mehrl Bennett, and John Also Bennett (2010)


Brute the choice/ shitting gold leaf
Blow chard/ crush the shirt
Cloud the drift/ shifting dirt
Maintenance guy/ sucking the incandescent

Meat the hamster/ dunk chump
Cheese blat/ fill the turd
Eating the film/ holographic turd
Sprung current/ pointing the out

Salve the knife/ slip sock
Yellow man/ feeling the flick
Race the rabbit/ for rant
Sore wind/ sewing the dink

Seeing the crust/ sugar shack
Open dying-door/ perpetuating the number
Nut the cloud/ clotwurst wind
Dead floor/ ice the pulp


Properly the way/ alias tether
Sink loot/ burn the bone
Laugh the soot/ pink cat
Bring finger/ slipping the slot

Storm the lint/ dug exposure
Daft boot/ climb the foot
Salvage the ham/ feels nice
Moot meat/ sign the pile

Shoot the fact/ lake first
Shelly man/ speak the rainbow
Sea the sill/ too sweet
Grunt stunt/ swivel the my

Scaffolding the shit/ eat grits
Brought worst/ swivel the cloud
Drown the lake/ yaxche comb
Foot lights/ tree the moat


Liver the endowed/ sweet tits
Groaning pool/ worship the nut
Jump the ship/ grow feathers
Frequent flyer/ trust the gnaw

Rend the slot/ blood ash
Flake ketchup/ twirl the custard
Spending the cunt/ French degrade
Consequences stone/ riegn the gray

Faint the ditch/ lake shift
Failure foot/ drool the yawn
Spewing the leaves/ gum worm
Hip squeal/ count the counting

At the which/ continuous bang
Engage stump/ cult the roof
Sock the lunch/ tower drip
String apple/ sink the phlox


Shout the dirt/ leeking crow
Gun foam/ chair the sore
Fickle the dinner/ bandage noodle
Muck boy/ enter the vortex

Thundering the eye/ butt sky
Beef conduit/ bird the dough
Enter the myst/ public storage
Dwelling tube/ droop the solder

Baste the bottle/ bingo car
Triangle failure/ birth the enormous
Hold the phone/ trying bind
Srunt log/ dump the van

Shaping the pellets/ enter motel
Sorry um/ mingle the wire
Blink the gravel/ plow faucet
Split sign/ split the hand

Cell phone photo by CMB – downtown Columbus Ohio

  1. cmehrlbennett says:

    Note about process: CMB wrote down two word and three word phrases (the 3-word phrase rule was that the 2nd word must be “the”) during car ride to The Colemans for Thanksgiving dinner. We all took turns and alternated two and three words phrases, and took turns going first after each stanza. After 16 stanzas were written, I began recording phrases to follow lines that each person had already written. In this way each line has a two word phrase AND a three word phrase — both written by the same person but the juxtaposition is a surprise, since 2nd phrase of each line was added later (without restating the 1st phrase before hand). The title was a phrase written by John Also and it had the most resonence with the audience during the discussion that followed (and belching). There were two Kenyon college English majors in our audience, so we were honored to have the opportunity to warp their literary sensibilities.

    One other note: When transcribing the poem to the website, since I made all the rules in this poetry game, I decided to place the last line of each stanza FIRST… letting the last person have the first word in the “final say”, as it were. It all seems to fall right into place this way, and I’m happy with the ending, which turns out to be my line. Just by chance I ended up repeating the same verb “Split” in both phrases!


  2. Gail D Whitter says:

    love collaborations! thanks for sharing … hope to read a few more in the near future …



  3. Hugh Tribbey says:



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