Three Volumes TEXTIS GLOBBOLALICUS by John M Bennett/ Published by mOnocle-Lash Press

Posted: December 23, 2010 in book review, collaboration, Digital Art, poetry
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This image was my contribution to the cover of Vol.One, using globbolalia from JMB. CLICK HERE to see all three volumes at Olchar Lindsann’s Lulu print-on-demand website. These are 8.5×11″ black&white content volumes, approx. 3/4″ thick, with an insightful essay at the beginning of each one.

The authors of each introduction are:
Vol I: Bob BruekL
Vol II: Jim Leftwich
Vol III: Olchar Lindsann

Volume II and III cover art is by Al Ackerman (The Blaster) and Thomas M. Cassidy (Musicmaster), respectively (and with my utmost respect!).

ALL of these guys are excited about TEXTIS GLOBBOLALICUS, as YOU should be! (How’s that as a plug for my old man?)


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