Best Bites by Rick Brown

Posted: January 19, 2011 in book review
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Rick Brown is the editor and main writer for the nine years (and running strong) old on-line magazine at – technically supported by his long-time friend, Dan Ely. Each short story is based on real life characters and events from Ricks past. Some of them seem quite annoying (RE: Aunt Edith or a few of the elderly passengers on the bus Rick drives, now that he’s retired from OSU library) but their humanity is real and the humor with which they are portrayed is good-natured at heart. A few of these stories are based on a younger, more naive version of Rick and are humorously self-deprecating— & I can laugh with empathy, too, remembering our cultural environment back in the 60’s and 70’s, “tube-tops” for instance, or back when one was awkwardly dealing with discovering one’s sexuality. OK, sure, you COULD read these little gems for free online by perusing the archives at, but it’s worth the expense (and it’s available both at LULU and at AMAZON) to have the entire collection in one place– and you can always pass it on to some other lucky soul to lift their spirits! Still, go ahead and check out because there are so many wonderful regular contributors of comix, art, poetry, fiction, reviews (local theatre reviews by Rick/ a section by various regulars with their music recommendations/ travel journals with photo documentation), and there’s even a terrific food/recipe section. Oh, and I ought to mention that I’m a regular too, by the way, as is my spouse, John M. Bennett. The Nine Year Anniversary issue should be out any day now!


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