THE BOOK OF SOLES (Souls) by C. Mehrl Bennett and Marilyn R. Rosenberg

Posted: February 1, 2011 in book review, collaboration, Digital Art, fluxus, poetry, shoes, visual poetry
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Yes! It’s finally finished! See (preview, purchase, or download) our collaborative artist’s book at LUNA BISONTE PRODS P.O.D. website at Lulu… Full color, 24 pages, saddle stapled.  John M. Bennett says:

“Dancing ants reading” – one of the delightful phrases swarming in this vivid artist’s book, which has as its central theme the soles of our feet and all that such a topic implies about self, time, motion through life, and one’s place(s) in the universe. Extremely colorful and full of fascinating detail, it is a work which can be repeatedly enjoyed and reveals new secrets each time. Appealing as visual poetry, as graphic design, and as an artist’s book, this collaboration achieves the most fulfilling of any collaboration between 2 artists: it becomes as if it were the work of a third person, a new artist never before discovered.



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