Mailart Fluxus Shoelace Spiral

Posted: February 12, 2011 in fluxus, mailart, Mailart Call, performances, shoes, Uncategorized
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A shoelace was glued in a spiral on top the surface of six wooden postcards, then was cut so the postcards could be painted, stamped, and addressed separately. A small grid on the address side of each gives an indication as to how to reassemble the half dozen cards to recreate the shoelace spiral. They are all addressed to:

Art Postal – Chaussure, Médiathèque Françoise Giroud, 15 avenue de la Cave Coopérative, 34160 CASTRIES, FRANCE

YOU can send mailart on the theme of SHOES to this address, too! However,  please abide by two RULES: The mailart must be 3-dimensional (which means you have to pay PARCEL POST rates to France) and the mailart must not be covered up by a package. Instead it must be entirely visible to the post carriers. DEADLINE: November 2011

Shoes, along with SOLES, are a theme that Marilyn R Rosenberg and I have been working on intently… and I’d used the shoelace spiral (glued onto the boards) as a kind of stamp for our collaborative project, though it didn’t stamp very well.  I brought these half dozen wood cards along to Madison last time I went to Matthew Stolte’s studio to work on collaborations. Matthew didn’t work on these cards, but I worked on them intermittently while also doing other works with Matt. Today, back at home here in Ohio, I finished up the address side and added a few little details to the painted, shoelaced, spiral sides. The FOOT graphic (first image above in this blog post) is my original digital image from which I derived the two stamps that I put on each addressee side of the cards. Some  upper/lower details were cropped and the stamps are so small that it’s impossible to see the reference to “arms”… but it was the feet that were meant to shine for this mailart theme in any case. Note: the FLUXUS stamp, used with paint on the spiral shoelace sides, is one that I carved out from an eraser.

[BLOG UPDATE] Performance note: In a gallery on Staten Island, I performed an event which was based on the above mentioned shoelace spiral mailart project. I removed the fabric belt from my calico patterned blouse and formed a spiral with it on the floor. Then I cut the spiral with two sets of parallel intersecting lines (like a grid) and invited the audience to take pieces. This was during NYC Fluxfest (2011), organized by Keith Buchholz, with additional Staten Island events organized by Mary Campbell and Viv Dey Dada.

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