Foot for Words

Posted: March 16, 2011 in poetry, shoes


Foot for Word

Holes in my soles

Toes find ground

Digging into burrows


Foot for Word

Electrical feet

In my bathtub

I cross my toes


Foot for Word

Diabetic numbing

Weight pounding

Mom muddles through


Foot for Word

Line up at starting gate

Instigating politics

Left right left


Foot for Word

Bound women’s feet

For beauty they’re

Left crippled, sitting


Foot for Word

For mice and owls

One drifts over trees

One tip toes in leaves


Foot for Word

Step forward, march

Half step, whole step

Stand on Dada’s feet


Foot for Word

Dancing ants reading

Each note tapped out

B-flat foot swinging


Foot for Word

Stamp your feet

Cry out for soul food

Heal our foot soldiers


Foot for Word

The soul fish café

Serves sole soup

That’s S-O-L-E fish soup


Foot for Word

The sole of a snail is

A single slimy bottom

A line is drawn after


Foot for Word

Two eyes ears hands legs

We walk towards foot lights

Bow down to feet


Foot for Word

Words grow on tea leaves

Shoes grow from branches

Birds nest in shoes


Foot for Word

Used for travel to

And fro to many places

Where to take a stand?


Foot for Word

Baring my sole

I leave my foot prints

Underwater in the sand


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