Phrases to Use on a Postcard

Posted: March 24, 2011 in poetry, Uncategorized

                  When do we call it “A Draw”?  



      I hope to work and play all day in my dreams.


        Mail Art is another way of filing art away.


            Does it matter if this is an art gallery?


       Life is stranger than lunch with my cousins.


    When your book is finished, you may eat crow.


           My spouse is my opposing opossum.


           Nice to meet you in the mail box today.


    37 corks in the silverware drawer on 03/29/2009.


                   Did you do the dishes today?


           There must be a good reason for this.


      How many plots of time are there in one day?


                Language says what it means.


         My cousin is a better artist than Picasso.


                     This is ART times infinity.


            Another cheap greeting card saying.


            – C Mehrl Bennett            March 2009


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