The Book of Soles (Souls)

Here’s a great review by Sheila E. Murphy, famous poet laureate from Phoenix, AZ, about the full color collaborative book: THE BOOK OF SOLES (SOULS) by C. Mehrl Bennett  (Columbus Ohio) and Marilyn R. Rosenberg (New York City):

Philosophy can be so photogenic when multiplied by two. The Book of Soles begins with the points at which each of us meets earth unthinkingly, via matching soles. At once receiving and leaving impressions, indelible or ephemeral, CM Bennett and MR Rosenberg pair their brilliant visual and textual artistry to delivery a highly appealing, playfully intellectual testament to the power and poise of visual poetry. Having long admired both of these artists in her own right, I am delighted by this excursive, poetically engaging dazzle of twinned antennae venturing through foregrounds and backgrounds, simultaneously discovering the land and its companion sky. –  Sheila E. Murphy   March 31, 2011

The book is available via print on demand by clicking the title above, OR as a signed edition, accompanied by a variety of four perforated, signed and numbered, limited edition artists stamp sheets. Check out the NEW LUNA BISONTE PRODS link at … go through a couple pages to find it listed with a Paypal link for the “signed” stampsheets/book set.


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