April 2011 Visit to NYC

Posted: April 25, 2011 in collaboration, fluxus, performances, shoes
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We participated (via short performances) in four of the scheduled days of NYC Fluxfest, 5 DAYS OF MOVEABLE FUN EVENTS! THANKS to Keith Buchholz of St.Louis, MO, for organizing people (herding cats) and setting up all the venues!  (We missed Tuesday events at Tribes Gallery.) On Wednesday, events happened at PRINTED MATTER, followed by a correspondence artists’ gathering at Katz’s Deli. On Thursday, events happened at ABC NO RIO in the evening. On Friday, we gathered in Central Park near IMAGINE MOSAIC to hold our events guerilla style, complete with others who were not able to attend but that were by phone in proceedings for official inductions into FLUXUS WEST– as directed by Don Boyd via phone call to Mt.Vernon, OH. On Saturday, we gathered at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal to travel to Staten Island where Mary Campbell and Viv Dey Dada had arranged for four locations to host our events. I include here a photo from Friday of myself sitting down with Marilyn R. Rosenberg in her NYC studio to sign 30 copies of our collaborative book, THE BOOK OF SOLES (SOULS). (Read more about Marilyn and about our collaborative project in a few of the previous blogs.)


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