New Book by Peter Ganick!

Posted: June 29, 2011 in book review, poetry
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untitled poems for a wednesday evening.

Click on above title to preview this book, order the book from Luna Bisonte Prods at the Lulu p.o.d. website, or DOWNLOAD a pdf of the inside text file FOR FREE !

Here are three blurbs that appear on the back cover in very crisp text, but for some reason are not readable on the website’s preview function:

The linguistic phenomena of Peter Ganick’s poetic sequence,

untitled poems for a wednesday evening, unfold as a

topographic map of a Möbius strip. Neither inside, nor outside,

but both simultaneously: sound and sense. This is the manifold

where sheep can reverse engines, where sparrows can be

spared the details. Any slice reveals the distal phalanx pointing

towards its essential circuit board-ness. The logic gates

amplify the villanelle properties. Cactus milk and calypso inroads

are the incalculable alchemy congealing littoral into letter.

–Karen Randall

For more than thirty years Peter Ganick has been one of our

most generous and meditative poets.  He has also been

demanding of the reader, frequently creating texts of hundreds

of pages, poems, or sections.  Here he humbly offers a short

work, “untitled,” but for a specified brief time: “wednesday

evening.”  If you missed his first work or all that followed,

read this most recent one: a new direction, a way to begin –

“an inquiry threads a theory / for palms’ wizardry – ”

–Dennis Barone

Here is a different Peter Ganick, whose newest poems,

resoundingly philosophical, metaphysical in their musicality,

become more tangible, more directly shaped in a context more

intellectually quotidian than that of previous work. Boundaries

created for these Wednesday poems, appropriately titled for

middle-of-the-week realities, allow humor, reflection, human

feeling, to a greater degree than Ganick’s recent, prior poems.

The mind within and beneath these pieces is infinitely shimmering,

even as the poet’s signature sotto voce consistently asserts itself.

The word evidence comes to mind as I experience surprise, delight,

and full engagement in the life of Peter Ganick’s newest and very

welcome volume.

–Sheila E. Murphy


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