FLUXNET FLUXWE by C. Mehrl Bennett

Posted: June 30, 2011 in fluxus, performances, visual poetry
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I performed in 2011 Chicago and NYC Fluxfests organized by Keith Buchholz. During NYC Central Park Flux events, near the Imagine mosaic, a number of us were inducted into Fluxus West. Some were inducted via cell phone presence, and even the officiator, Don Boyd in Mt. Vernon OH, was present only via cell phone, and afterwords we all received certificates of induction by mail. After my induction, I inducted two other absent people via cell phone, Cecil Touchon and Ginny Lloyd, by repeating Don Boyd’s words which he transmitted to us via cell phone. As we won’t be present for the 2012 NYC Fluxfest, I’ve been invited by Mary Campbell & Viva Dey Dada to perform via Skype at the end of Sept. at the coffee shop on Staten Island where I lost my marbles in 2011 (Viv Dey Dad returned my marbles in a performance during the Chicago 2012 Fluxfest).

I realized, in retrospect, that I’d performed fluxus scores since adolescence and so then composed a 2011 chapbook called 26 fluxneXus scores which was published by FLUXPRESS (Keith Buccholz, editor). FLUXNET/FLUXWE is an early version of an image I created for the cover.

My initiation to Fluxus began with a 70’s blackboard lecture by Joseph Beuys which I attended as a college freshman at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, MN USA. I was like a sponge that year at MCAD, and Beuys performance made a deep impression on me. During an invigorating conversation on Facebook with others about “historical Fluxus” and the prevailing fluxus attitude that lives on through performance events, publications, fluxus objects, etc. Cecil Touchon offered up the label “FluxneXus”. Consequently, I accepted membership and was given FluxneXus pin no. 00000159. (Mark Bloch holds pin no. 00000160 but has sworn himself to secrecy in regards to that fact. I am not sworn to secrecy!)


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