Digitally Fashioned Kimono

Posted: July 30, 2011 in book review, collage, Digital Art, visual poetry

This Mexico City kimono and a slew of others are derived from my own visual/textual material. Also, I’ve created many other kimonos which are collaborative because the kimono material originates from other artists – with their permission – and with due credit made on each image.   My technique involves digital manipulation, collaged layers, and textual embroidery with photoshop.   PREVIEW & download the FREE PDF file of MY KIMONO BOOK (by C Mehrl Bennett and Collaborators) at this link:

Not all kimono designs, including this one, made it into this book. A set of kimonos in their entirety can be viewed as a slideshow at my Flickr site HERE. Just click on the image in the slideshow to view additional info, which often includes a link to my collaborators’ original image and to their websites.


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