String Theory for Matt Taggart

Posted: September 29, 2011 in fluxus, mailart, performances
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Matt Taggart enjoys putting together fluxus projects that everyone can contribute to via his mailed or online invitations. “String Theory” includes his mailed string with instructions to attach three found objects to it along with the name of contributor and contributor’s “string theory” written on a small white paper, which should also be attached, and then a photo should be taken of strung objects as documentation to mail to Matt in Montana. I’m not always perfect at following directions, so my photo doesn’t include the little white note, but I did attach the note with string to my photo before mailing it to Matthew. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! Just visit Matthew’s website with info about his project by clicking HERE

STRING THEORY by C. Mehrl Bennett

A jump rope, a yoyo, and a flashlight are tied onto a string.

Three people choose one item each to perform with for a predetermined amount of time.

The person with flashlight turns off all the lights in vicinity and turns on the flashlight. Everyone proceeds to play with their props. Playtime is over when the person with the flashlight turns the lights back on.


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