My Name is BAWA

Posted: October 18, 2011 in artists book, collaboration, fluxus, mailart
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My Name is BAWA


1. Stand in back of a class room full of first graders and scream out your name, as in “My name is BAWA “ Get out of there before anyone can grab you.

2. Get all dressed up for the sock hop. Walk across town to the tennis court where the dance is being held. Stand behind the fence and scream out” My name is Bawa!” until authorities drive you away.

3. BAWA CONTEST FOR TWO PEOPLE: You sit propped up in bed reading a book but also facing the other person, who sits in a chair staring at you questioningly. Every few seconds glance up from your book and shout “BAWA!” Do this until the other person complains that you are in his room without being invited.

4. Hold open front door so that only your forearm and hand get wet, as it is raining outside. Stay there for a long time in that position, shouting BAWA, until you catch a bad cold.

5. At an art gallery with a display of small press chapbooks, leave a small press chapbook with a cover that says VENGENCE OF BAWA; when no one is looking start setting fire to the other chapbooks.

6. In jail for arson, pull out a piece of pumpkin pie you have brought with you under your clothes and say to the guards, “This is Bawa, my little one. Is he not beautiful?” Before anyone can respond, smash the pie against the wall, wet your pants, and cry out “Murdering devils!”

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