CMB album of vispo – old and new

Posted: November 22, 2011 in poetry, visual poetry
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is link to DROPBOX album.

Just view full pages of thumbnail size images (3 pages to forward thru)

and enlarge by clicking on what image interests you OR

Click first image and then either hit arrow key to forward OR

Click on UL command for slideshow function

(after you’ve clicked on first image, then you will see slideshow command at UL).

DROPBOX is free software if you only use 2 megabytes of storage

– easy to edit off-line – easy to share on-line link to your album.

BUT don’t share anyone else’s images this way because of copyright.

There is a “download” command when viewing each image so anyone

can download from your album! I’ve only loaded low-resolution images

and don’t mind if someone downloads and shares with others but just

know that I still hold copyright to the images – so credit me please, and

DO NOT use for print purposes.


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