Six C-Poems from March 2012

Posted: March 20, 2012 in poetry
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These were created using this method for each poem:

Randomly select ten words. Write a poem in five lines, using two of the ten words in each. Revise as needed.


Build passages for shoes

Using boxes you’ve collected

After the shoes walk by

Sit down to decide

If reentry will be allowed.


Examine the wet corrugation of

Cardboard leaving expressions

Of the Deep South going

Sour with levity, overripe with

Sweet nuances of insinuations.


Fingers or toes, you pick

A place to store words

Keeping temperatures warm

Finding life in frequent

Passings from digit to digit.


Mail a letter

Without noting its origin

Without lines or syllables

Only a structure of patterns

To be read upon receipt.


Service the stanzas

Catch the phrase

Choose the object

Randomly direct the

Fate of ten soup cans

Then shut up & sit down.


The bag explained an image

With evocative figures

The bag recited oily slogans

Of advertising copy

The bag inflated – popped

And left me on hold.


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