April Fourth Fool

Posted: April 4, 2012 in mailart, poetry
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A matchbook edition of ten APRIL 4th FOOL by CMB

I’ve seen too many phrases
Altered – Chopped – Cut and Spliced
The buzzing electric blender of words
Never stops making more poetry
Unleashing the newest coolest noise.

With this lance I spear
Pears, fish, old socks, and books
Today’s mail, yesterday’s coffee
Tomorrow’s promised clean
Laundry and a packed suitcase.

Let me punch their poise
Let me peel their pulp
Let me pipe and pander
Past all those pairs of pious
Pink pretentious pretty ears.

Black cotton string loops
In one ear and out the other
Tightly around their teeth and
Down the throat until it’s a
Vertical line – a dot below it.

Branch out like a fractal
Mow your hair like a lawn
Line the coffee cup with fur
Yes it’s all been done before
Now it’s theirs mine and yours.


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