An Auto Gallery

Posted: June 12, 2012 in mailart, poetry, visual poetry
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THIS IDEA came to me in 1986, when I composed this spiral visual poem, entered it into a city-wide contest called REVISION, and won FIRST PRIZE (split $500 with one other First prize winner). Twentyfive years later I digitally revised the orginal rubberstamped & hand calligraphed version by perfecting the roundness of the outer spiral & adding a few colors aside from the red/black ink. This year’s version was sent to a mailart exhibit in Italy, and was a featured image for an Italian newspaper article about the visual poetry mailart exhibit. This is how my poem reads:
Inventive arrangements of parked cars with co-existing car window displays, an “auto gallery”.
What if all the car sales lots downtown could be redesigned by artists on an occasional display basis? I, myself, imagine a large lot with a spiral of cars, leaving a sidewalk-width space for people to walk thru. Each car could have an interesting artifact hanging from the rear-view mirror or displayed on the rear-deck. If a vacant lot were available once-a-month for a group of car fanatics like the Ford Club, a lot of people would be attracted to such an event – – like the large crowds that gather now at their monthly display at Jerry’s Restaurant at Morse & High. In fact, why don’t we put my old ’61 Ford Falcon at the center of this spiraling mass?
Thanks Tiziana Barrachi for letting me know about this mailart exhibit in Itally.
In addition another version -without the black shape at edge of spiral- was submitted to a circus themed mailart exhibit in Spain and can be viewed in the slideshow documentation at THIS WEBSITE. Note when viewing that slideshow: The vispo featuring a hot air balloon is also mine.


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