The 70 Project Ends

Posted: August 13, 2012 in family, mailart, Mailart Call
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Mailart Exhibit October 2012

About The 70 Project : John M. Bennett, poet and head of Luna Bisonte Prods, turned 70 in October 2012. John likes skulls and October is the month for All Saints’ Day/Day of the Dead/Halloween. John performed his poetry with other sound artists & we displayed this mailart on his birthday in a gallery. 70 PROJECT mailart is all documented at . THANKS to all the artists listed in labels at the blog for contributing mailart to/for John’s 70th birthday bash. About 200 people from 22 countries contributed mailart!

I did a fluxus performance during The70Project intermission at It Looks Like Its Open gallery on JMB’s birthday.
HERE IS A VIMEO LINK to a video of my performance (camera held by Don Rice, a friend and local writer).
Aside from the disclaimer at the beginning of my performance, I also need to add a correction to address the mistake I made in the performance.
(Yes! I lost my marbles!) When speaking about the yellow marbles I refer to the U.S. Senate, but should’ve said U.S. Congress, because the House of Representatives (with it’s current Speaker John Boehner – unfortunately from Ohio, though note Ohio DID go blue this year for Obama and Sherrod Brown!) has been a BIG problem, though after the 2012 election the Democratics still do not have the 25 extra votes they need to overcome a filibuster in the Senate — so gridlock will continue to occur in the Senate as well.


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