Decentralized Networker Congress – Roanoke VA

Posted: November 3, 2012 in collaboration, fluxus, performances, poetry, visual poetry
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Warren Fry is the guy in the suit and his computer was used for Skype connections at the 2012 Roanoke Decentralized Networker Congress.

Today John and I performed via Skype connection with the Roanoke VA location, where Reed Altemus, Reid Wood, Olchar Lindsann, Warren Fry, Tomislav Butcovich, Jim and Sue Leftwich were all gathered amidst a mailart exhibit composed of works sent in since April of this year to Jim Leftwich for the Decentralized Networker Congress exhibit in Roanoke.

Here are a few stills – John M. Bennett read many of his poems for the majority of the time – and the other images are from three separate “spellings” done with lint balls, forks, and pom-poms. Also pictured are the “incubators” for these three materials, along with the skull lamp that was our savior whenever we had difficulties with the screen going dark.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Note: LINT INCUBATOR was given to John M. Bennett by Bob BrueckL as a contribution to The70Project. The pom-poms were also contributed by Bob BrueckL, though CMB created the pom-pom jar. Forks from our housewares & fork incubator devised by CMB.


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