Nov. 3rd 2012 – Cinquains Written Collaboratively at DNC12 in Roanoke VA and Virtually via Bambuser

Posted: November 5, 2012 in collaboration, poetry
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This weekend was the 20th anniversary of the DECENTRALIZED NETWORKER CONGRESS and events happened globally — connected via Skype and Bambuser.  The USA bambuzer broadcast that we followed was via although we also Skyped Graciela Garcia Marx in Argentina  and enjoyed Skype broadcast TO Roanoke from London, Argentina, and Windsor Canada… set up via one laptop w/Skype and the other facing it to broadcast via Bambuser. This often translated into pixelated images that were at times too dark to view and also, the events in London were not set up well via two laptops… we mostly watched people in Roanoke watching the other laptop! Still, all in all, it was VITAL and LIVE — which was the point.
Below are four cinquains (Five lines via 2,4,6,8,2 syllables per line) written by Adamandia Kapsalis, Julián Matthews, and C Mehrl Bennett while Mark Perry’s performance was happening in Roanoke – RE:
There was an anonymous person in Roanoke who contributed to one or two of these as well:
I hear loud sounds
rutabaga gripping
banana singsong pop pop pop
blip fap
I see
got it. good. greaat.
for the krow dies bar bar
hupla hippee do ray bar bar
bar bar
painful soysauce
o hey now googli ga
sitting in a suit sitting it
whipping whopping
in the shop pasting tense
relaxing outside the shop sign
clap clap
Mostly people in Roanoke who were present at the DNC contributed to the following cinquains: Tomislav Butkovic, Reid Wood, Brian Kounihan, Mark Perry, Warren Fry, and Jim Leftwich.
Admandia Kapsalis and Julián Matthews also contributed a few lines early for a short time on via bambuser text box on the right of screen.
See my intro and reading of the ABOVE four cinqains via bambuser broadcast :
You can watch the collaboration process happening in Roanoke as people took turns at the keyboard.
CMB helped on second last one via Bambuser. The last one (before Olchar’s set of four) was written by Reed Altemus,
fuck me
kneejerk cashbox
heevahava back jaw
slovenly buggering finance
ignore me
and we can hear you too
heart my jam handle, you knackwurst
nose run
hot broads
on bambuser
see the mountain due date
pederst sex offender both
poof ba
nose run
comehard dying
see the mountain due date
pederast sex offender both
poof ba
sick doc
feet hurt like coal
catholic football song
skatchbox radio typewriter
sud rod
sud rod
red reed ran down
priesthood in RIP city
someday tools will fall from trees hard
hat hat
dill kill
green tea honey
fork ran beverly blob
2PAC is the greatest rapper
dill hat
ran into salad
venetian blinds crushed cans
things with rebecca went great shup
sitfast foresight
light triangle going
the ocean is heating this up
waves chop
cream crop
peaches hop hop
ty cobb anal bleaching
suddenly licorice juice wave
oops uhh
nun nuts
power tool
flag morphing ape dangles
bag golfing cape bangles blister
fun bun
saw tooth
sun thaw booth run
tooth took tooka took took
seems sone soot said something too sad
boot beams
mine kumph
fine frumping toot
look me slumping soot crotch
book meat lumpy hoot botch foot wine
why ummm
eye humm bee gnaws
sum hum bum ble bee zee
so lo be dumb yer damn hornet
door knit
row row
dunk yer flott me
jolt the turd angled mop
mapbolt angelbirds funk mott flea
dick thrust
I’m doing four
word sour fung numg tongue oh
kill none needs one kill none kill none
bonk clap
bonk clap  (Note: the rest of this cinquain was completed by Reed Altemus)
glad hop find gong
plan cap hand black pop spoon
if last flop get pixel plunder
clap bonk

OLCHAR LINDSANN wrote the following four cinquains & sent them to the DNC from his workplace in Roanoke VA Saturday evening, Nov 3, 2012:

Mopped, you

in did or blood

slink category stem

was horrified at the raging


in the

to enlighten

the reforms introduced

various particulars of


in pass

what shall I say

I had resolved to wear

the door of Simos’ house flies

that’s all


wrapped and carto

graphed upon or raft-laugh

lavender Medusa map our


  1. Adamandia K. says:

    What happened to the one with “banana singsong pop pop pop”?


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