Nine cinquains via collaboration around the table in a restaurant by Camille Martin, John M. Bennett, and C. Mehrl Bennett

Posted: November 25, 2012 in collaboration, poetry
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Sipping quincunx

Floating headmice ladder

Walk the talking titmouse to the

Iced hat

Dead saints

In the buckets

Well placed in a circle

Multi-red-spin fulminating

Cheese root

Swoll drut

Tear the finger

Drum the forkѐd link bit

Bit the hot lint sausage hymn


Find the

Rare thread song book

Clatter nostril smoker

Believe in biblical color,


Pink ink

The throne swallowed

All the people at once

Crinkling post-haste wanton twice the

Suit Shot

Same wurst

Dance the knocking

Turnip nipped the frog spawn

Locker dripping through the keyhole

Drip Drip

East West

Reft lightning trips

The looter sign shining

Muskrat tunnels under the bank

Of weft

Dog soul

Thirsty rabbits

Simper and whimper for

Wailing whale blues atop the rock

Salt dome

Sot home

Tossing in the

Rippled tweak twixt flippin’

Ash hock ash lock ash sock ash dock

Post haste

Camille Martin has posted a blog with PHOTOS OF US WRITING CINQUAINS AT THE RESTAURANT. So please click red line above to view.


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