Two 16mm films from 1982 by John McClintock

Posted: December 27, 2012 in collaboration, family, mailart, poetry, VIMEO link
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CLICK on THIS LINK to view films online at VIMEO

wedding photo 1980Mail Art Romance is a documentary about the avant garde poets and artists John M. Bennett and C. Mehrl (“Lady C”) Bennett’s courtship through mail-art in the late 1970’s and early 1980s. Shot on 16mm film by John McClintock, the film is both a document of the DADA / Fluxus related underground mail-art movement of the period and a unique testament to the power of “true love”.

The film features interviews with both artists as well as their Columbus, OH post-man, reenactments of collaborative poems by the couple, examples of their mail-art and footage from their July 4th, 1980 wedding in rural Mount Vernon, Ohio.

TIME’S T-BONE is a 1982 16mm film by John McClintock in collaboration with the poetry of John M. Bennett. The film is a excellent realization of the Columbus, OH based avant garde poet’s vision, filmed on a blistering hot day in a junkyard off highway 71 with surreal imagery inspired by Bennett’s poetry.

Created with the support of the Ohio Arts Council, the film also features John M. Bennett’s fiance and collaborator C. Mehrl wearing a plastic mask in the back seat of a junked car.

-John Also Bennett, December 2012

  1. Note that John Also Bennett is the youngest son of John M. Bennett and C. Mehrl Bennett, and that John McClintock has given his permission to our son to upload his films online to VIMEO. COPYRIGHT still belongs to the film maker, John McClintock, who completed the Mail Art Romance film in 1982 to fulfill his thesis for his degree in film making at The Ohio State University.


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