Collaborative Cinquains by CMB, JMB, and Our Sons

Posted: March 21, 2013 in collaboration, poetry

pun gent Digital image by CMB
“Peter Neckerson” and “Coach” are pen names of Ben Bennett and Wm. Bennett.[/caption]

More cinquains by CMB, JMB, Peter Neckerson, and Coach:

Sting Ray
Stingy stinger sting sting
What was with the knobs in that drawer?
Let’s See

Mute Soap
Tired of cleaning
the ash tray baby head,
I wish you would not smoke in here.
Blue Hell

sot ham socking
urethane marinade
‘side the oozing cream I what not
hat want

bent knot
trucker’s delight
buttons goulash pink shade
chattering on the wrinkled wall

hot dogs
in a sink hole
splashing in the hot oil
what a perfect utopia!


The following 3 cinquains were written at a Chinese smorgasborg
by the above mentioned authors and also by John Also Bennett:

Soap leverage
Six syllables duh duh
Bloating on the steam table O
Choc Taw

Slop Scene:
Actors on stage
lift their short legs and fart
eight syllables duh duh duh duh.
Great job!

Up Chuck
Nodding on the toilet
Eight syllables duh duh duh duh
Log jam



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