Patricia Tavenner – Mailart Queen

Posted: June 19, 2013 in artistamps, Artists Stamps, collaboration, Digital Art, mailart, Uncategorized
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Patricia Tavenner Portrait Stamps by CMB

Below is a revision of the Patricia Tavenner Portrait artistamp that I had originally made for a full sheet composition in 2012; Revised, unfortunately, because Patricia Tavenner passed away earlier this year from cancer.
In 2011 -2012, we had cause to connect (aside from the mailart network) via an interview I did with her over the phone. We exchanged several phone calls and a couple snail mailings so that I could compose an article about Patricia’s vast experience with artistamps for TropiChaCha’s publication WOMEN IN THE ARTISTAMP SPOTLIGHT. I researched online and found a beautiful photo of Patricia at her blog, and I obtained her permission to use that image – digitally altered by me – for portrait stamps in 2012.

Currently there is a mailart project underway to collect artistamps memorializing Patricia Tavenner – and so I created this revision. The yellow triangles around her hat continue downwards in a drip – and for myself, at least, are symbolic of tears of sadness at the passing of Patricia, who was very active since the early beginnings of a vibrant Dadaist scene on the West Coast. CLICK HERE for more history about Patricia in a blog from the San Francisco MOMA.


CLICK HERE to view a YouTube video clip from a trip to Budapest, Hungary – when Patricia Tavenner was honored as a special guest and exhibitor. The ArtPool Art Research Ctr posted this with the following description:
“Patricia Tavenner, Jas W. Felter, Michael Hernandez de Luna and György Galántai, all participants of the ParaStamp exhibition, are adding some artistamps and rubberstamp prints and are signing copies of the catalogue of the show at Artpool Art Research Center, a day after the ParaStamp Extra event (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. 26 April 2007)”. It should be noted that the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts was not known for putting on exhibits by contemporary artists, but they went all out for this special international artistamp exhibit. The article I wrote for WOMEN IN THE ARTISTAMP SPOTLIGHT ended with the special tone of excitement Patricia felt coming out of the dark subway station when she was presented with the sight of the huge art museum (a historic building with the iconic columns in front) “plastered with huge artistamp banners.” She mentions that exhibit in THIS TALK (click here!) she gave at another artistamp exhibit.


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