C-note on The Significance of July 4th

Posted: July 2, 2013 in fluxus, mailart
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A few examples of C performing fluxus events (her own or scores by other people) and also others performing C’s scores.


Different people try to explain fluxus:

  • Vimeo FIRST
  • Vimeo SECOND
  • Youtube SEVENTH “Um um um um um”..etc. from interviews at the 2013 Chicago Fluxfest by Viv dey Dada.
  • Youtube EIGHTH – EDUCATE yourself with these historical fluxus photos & an informative narration by Allen Bukoff.

Two early films by John McClintock: Documentary about C. Mehrl and John M. Bennett’s meeting through mailart, their call for mailart in connection with their wedding, and the actual wedding event on July 4, 1980; and a John M Bennett poem acted out by John and C in 1982:

  1. Loved it. Waiting for more.


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