Digital vispo collage from found phrases on a shoe sole diagram and THE BOOK OF SOLES (SOULS) second edition (revised)

Posted: September 3, 2013 in book review, collaboration, collage, Digital Art, poetry, shoes, visual poetry

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NOTE: This collage is not a collaboration, however the SHOE SOLE theme is one that I first began working on collaboratively with Marilyn R. Rosenberg, a visual poet and book artist from New York. We worked digitally by exchanging files as email attachements and adding layers using Photoshop Elements. CLICK HERE to see The Book of Soles (Souls) which is now available in a Second (revised) Edition at the Luna Bisonte Prods P.O.D. website. The first edition stopped being available because Lulu decided that saddle stapled books in that size were not profitable, so LBP had to go to a slightly smaller size, which needed revisions to fit dimensions that shortened but widened the page spreads. A few minor texts were added and I finagled color saturation and contrasts on the first page spread to improve text legibility, etc.

Marilyn R. Rosenberg and C. Mehrl Bennett - 2nd Edition (revised)

Marilyn R. Rosenberg and C. Mehrl Bennett – 2nd Edition (revised)

The image at left is the ONE PIECE COVER whereby the back cover is on the left and the front cover in on the right – NO SPINE as this is a saddle stapled full color book.

Still available are FOUR designs from four pagespreads in THE BOOK OF SOLES (SOULS) which are fully pin-hole perforated artistamp sheets – all signed by MRR and myself. At, under NEW LUNA BISONTE PRODS, go to page nine or later to order a set of artistamp sheets and a signed copy of our book & please specify via Paypal note if you prefer the 2nd edition over the 1st edition.


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