Two different eyes colliding: Nico Vassilakis on the poetics of looking – by Gary Barwin

Posted: September 10, 2013 in book review, Digital Art, poetry, visual poetry

Two different eyes colliding: | Jacket2.

Click the above link to read Gary Barwin’s essay about Nico Vassilakis’ visual poetry.

Earlier this year, LUNA BISONTE PRODS published Nico Vassilakis’ book MOMENTS NOTICE with this book description: Nico Vassilakis’ Moments Notice has taken a huge leap forward in the evolution of concrete poetry, by utilizing the myriad possibilities of digital typographic manipulation. The result is work of great beauty, color, design, concept, and a visuality that makes his ideas and poetics vivid and endlessly intriguing. Maria Damon says, “Moments notice us at a moment’s notice, lying in wait for us, in this space-time lingo-jaunt. When humans (hypothetically) fall into a black hole, the first thing their bodies undergo is ‘spagghettification.’ One could say when human language falls into Nico Vassilakis’ clutches, it undergoes a similar process. But instead of annihilation, there is plenitude.” Ron Silliman asks, “Is it feasible for visual poetry to be positively erudite? In the words (or word) of one of the not-quite-texts here, Moments Notice presents the argument for YES.”


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