Two Collaborative Projects

Posted: October 8, 2013 in artistamps, Artists Stamps, collaboration, fluxus, mailart, sound art

This audio compilation was created by Rod Summers, who lives in Amsterdam, of VEC audio.
It is called “a miscellany of broken silences”
CLICK HERE for one of the versions of my piece LATER, which was included in this project.

AND here is a slideshow of a few photos taken of Ptrzia (TicTac)’s new zine to which I contributed 25 artistamp sheets (FluXus Fish Bowl) which I perforated using a thin copper tube in place of the needle in my Singer sewing machine… the sewing machine (ancient as it is) is nearly burnt out now!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PMATS ZINE is on exhibit February until mid-March (2014) at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts along with a selection of my own artistamp sheets as part of the FLUXJOB exhibit. Here is a photo of the wall I installed at the end of January:



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