Collaborative Cinquains Written at Buca Di Beppo

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A day

Shot off and stunned

Evening rusts in shadow

Shifting through the highway bushes



Sweat heel

Polka dot shoes

Shudder in the lunchbox

Hear the weeping fool, damp sandwich



Fast food

Faulty meat ball

Instant fragility

Worn chicken feet on your fat hat

Fork pin



In the toilet

With your foggy lint twat

Signal the “all clear” and find the

Shot time


Long string

Spread in salad

Tied into a necklace

Knotted with green stones glistening




On a skooter

Sweating through your blank shoes

You take off your shiny blank spats

And fart


This word

That hot sweater

Those insurance conundrums

Nattering like nihilist morons

In heat


Shut duck

On Marx brothers

Said Blank and cornered ham

Leaving Harpo without a voice

But grinned


C. Mehrl Bennett and John M. Bennett

Oct 11, 2013


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