Take a Stand for the Old Out-of-the-Nest Wonder Years

Posted: January 26, 2014 in family, Nothing Much, political commentary, Uncategorized
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Use your hard earned money to buy staples and take time for home economics 101: bake, garden, cook, preserve food by canning and freezing. Organize potlucks or other exchanges with friends, and maybe the occasional hunting or fishing trip. Budget for genuine needs and avoid impulse spending. ‘Settle’ for a ‘used’ house in an affordable neighborhood with local shops and destinations you can walk or bike to, and without a long commute to your work place.
Avoid cheap sugary and salty junk food. Don’t allow low prices to blind you to empty calories, saturated fats, preservatives, and the addictive nature of so-called ‘convenience’ food.
Big banks and fly-by-night payroll store fronts offer fast credit. Corporations advertise “necessities of life” like big screen TV, the latest communication devices or technical innovations, brand name trends in shoes and clothes, etc. Some newlyweds immediately focus on building a new house in the suburbs, and if they aren’t already far in debt for school loans, then they’ll soon be stressed to the limit to meet the monthly mortgage.
Don’t mix up commercially advertised lifestyle choices with what should be a natural transition into the wonderment of independence: being responsible for one’s own food, shelter, and companionship, and discovery of sources of exchange within newly formed communities. Home economics is life economics. Commercials and advertisements and the ultimate goals of banks are business economics. Choose life or be led by a nose-ring by big corporations and banks. In addition, healthy diet and life style choices mean fewer medical bills and more awareness of self, friends, and family. Does any of this make sense?


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