Cinquains from THE BACK YARD

Posted: April 19, 2014 in collaboration, mailart, poetry, video, visual poetry, YouTube
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Sitting out back with beautiful Spring weather, listening to birds and shooting the breeze, my friend Susan M. Olcott agreed to write some collaborative cinquains with me yesterday. Here are our results:

I see first fly,
Shoes swim in the bath tub
Forget the bath, forget the fly,
Just walk
Green teeth
Purple glitter
Posthumous pretention
Taking a “selfie” underground
Smile Big
Toot sweet
Play on a stritch
Kalimba in background
It isn’t noise, it is all love
BarbieBarbie and Ken
She barely has a waist
“I want Barbie’s accessories,”
said Ken      
NOTE: Click HERE for further collaboration
with Jennifer Weigle (photo at left)
that resulted from our 
Barbie and Ken cinquain
Stop light
Bleeding red strobes
I can’t focus – so what?
Turn on the fog lights and wait for
Space ships
Black crow
sounds like a beer
label but it’s a small
principality in the north
tree’s branch.

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