More Cinquains from the BACK YARD

Posted: June 1, 2014 in collaboration, poetry, Uncategorized
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Our Memorial Day weekend involved dinner served up on this year’s new back yard patio with special guest, Edward Lense, who has written collaborative cinquains with us before so was not surprised when I brought out my little notebook after we ate. Here are seven dishes I’m consequently able to serve up to you now:


Chess board

Shadows echo

Off refridgerator

Two chairs at the kitchen table



Spread thumb

Across a drum

Stirrup hits the anvil

Drinks the soap contamination

In sync


Weird dogs

Spermy leggings

Domino spots inside

Dalmations go berserk outside

The ship



To my liver

Smoky shave’d with egg

Yolks beating down the crooked path

Egg whites


Boil foot

With critter ears

Hummus and eye of newt

Tampons shredded with mosquitos

Mix well


This week’s

Broken faucets

Lost gnat shivers on hat

These are lost and found items like

Odd socks


Suit leak

Makes for sticky

Dinosaur bloody teeth

Sunk into your foaming arm pit

You stink



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