Christine Hayes ART CAR

Posted: July 6, 2014 in collage, Collection, travel

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We ran into Christine Hayes in the Worthington OH post office a bit over a week ago. Christine was on her way to Comfest in the Short North area of Columbus, and so upon exiting the post office we were regaled with her ART CAR. As I took the opportunity to snap these photos, she asked me to remind folks “Do Not Touch the Art Cars”. Can you believe that some people have the nerve to lean up against or even sit on them! Christine’s assembled paraphenalia of colorful found objects and small toys and now, I’ve noticed, computer keys, is just such amazing EYE & MIND CANDY that I can’t resist sharing these photos here. She’s been sharing her art car at community events for decades now, and I feel a great sense of camaraderie with her with regards to her art aesthetic. She’s also a fellow Aldus Society member and works at the Acorn Bookshop in Grandview, where we visited yesterday and I picked up a load of cheap, used books and books on CD (for my long-distance car trips).


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