Posted: October 7, 2014 in collaboration, poetry, sound art

Click on THIS LINK to go to Hal McGee’s website and read more about his production of A HAMSTER IN YOUR SANDWICH, a CD (originally produced as a limited edition tape cassette) of John M. Bennett and I performing our own, each other’s, and our collaborative poetry, and making off noises with our voices and other instruments.

PLUS from that website you can listen to the entire PART I of the recording! Also, HERE is a link to DICK METCALF’s comprehensive review, written in June 2015. Dick is a professional in the area of experimental audio, so look further into his website for great reviews of other recordings!

I’d like to make a few comments here primarily about the second section of the recording: One of the joint readings was a spontaneous performance, in that I gave John my book WHAT IT SAYS and he gave me his book MIRRORS MÁSCARAS, then we took turns at spewing short phrases of whatever caught our attention as we flipped through the books. I had done that sort of thing once before during Roanoke VA’s Marginal Arts Festival at the home of Olchar Lindsann, where, at his suggestion, the group was encouraged to grab a book from his library and alternate with phrases chosen at random. What John and I did by trading texts was different in that one would hear one’s own poetry coming back at one and find text from the other’s poems that seemed to complement or twist it in new ways. That was truely a FIRST of it’s kind in our collaborative poetry efforts! The CD title, A HAMSTER IN YOUR SANDWICH, was taken from a section of the very last poem by John read towards the end of the recording: an English/Spanish poem on p. 237 of MIRRORS MÁSCARAS titled “mirlibroror”. I copied John’s audio of “.a hamster in ,your sand/ wich” and mixed it into a final take with other sound tracks for the recording’s end. My poem, DEPORT DADA, was created in cutup fashion the morning of the day of recording as I wanted to perform something new, but I’ve created a shorter ‘fluxus’ version since I recorded it for Hal McGee’s project. Below, in this blog post, I present the text of the second version, which I recorded [minus the Afterwords] for one of Kommissar Hjuler’s audio projects. A few words were changed (“fluxus”, for instance, was inserted in a couple places) and a couple extraneous sections were cut in my attempt to keep the audio under three and a half minutes for Hjuler. In the text version presented here I’ve left my ten phrases of the “Afterwords” intact, though in the HAMSTER IN YOUR SANDWICH performance I invited John to collaborate with additions to each phrase. So, now that I’ve got you thoroughly confused: Deport Dada! I’ll ding 21 of 35 in 20 dance terms as a parting token Support the arts! .. that artificial hell issued President Wash U. S. Fostering cultures and the ache surprise f-fabric, landscapes, erotic symbols Ill eats only started to scatter, breaking where the public review of adverse Prosperity, creativity, and BARACK! BARACK! The arts are fundamental to beauty, ethnicity, religion, or age performance… For Breton it was out of cabaret and the words are of those eaten OMMMMMMMMMS Your tax NOTICE, Dear Ms NOTHING, and he ate canned beans, denied in whole or in part, NO COST TO YOU! Portraits, visiting cards, bit ‘o five franc notes, Defaced… Support the Arts! … that Dada should employ Benefits! You can request message I delivered, that every higher GPA, service-benefit, and music Support the event: Breton had fallen on our prom containing obscene drawings Spectatorship: We hold their attention the date you received creativity and A few months ago the typical items such as meals take place out of cabaret and the Bet was processed in notice of the adverse beatification, Please state whether you request documents or information, That’s the Union Of all ice: we try an erection when the reason you believe a nearby cafe to be Threatening and subversive, FLUXUS is conventions to create a new type of fluxus action and review your animation of our Air, making moments into .1 millions, generating a peanut seller, partly because The hat and or proxy, he us to her in I to ork my condom, and seep the pin hood Education laden Dada group, decanting, then wanting the event into a rut through Improved academic standardized test scores, audience relations improperly denied comments, questioned within 30 days of the NIT … OUT pu-U-zation has an OUT of tourism … Fluxus action would be confronted, imagined better than in a theatre… OW! ILL you is at we OK the at of off, here is NISHED and to end each In a manner you can understand through This, We, A hand of tens Afterwords: Shadow print Misplaced mirage A thinker chair Window movie Baseball hat swan Hand wheelie Deja mirror Skull postcard Billboard itch Wide load towed C. Mehrl Bennett 9/13/14 Hal McGee project cassette cover 001

  1. Excelente! “With nods to Dada, Surrealism, and primitivism.”

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