Nothing Wavering

Posted: February 26, 2015 in poetry

The Fluxus Kiss - CMB & JMB 2013

Nothing Wavering – by C. Mehrl Bennett

In a house of silences that engage
Two pyromaniac gymnasts,
It might be hard to believe the
Secrets of this man’s work, or the life he lives
In the company of his wife.

Everything projects a
Banal shadow of absence–
Because of the presence of a way of being–
The spectrum of this man and
His wife in a litany of Both.

Wavering lines in the sun – layered by shadows
Are at first possible, but then reproach us as impossible
Do you recognize the girl that first met this man?
She came from especially nowhere, but grew up in
A Since Possessed Dialogue.

An actor claimed to bury
This couple by adopting a lost and found attitude,
For hadn’t we lost the entire collective generation decades earlier?
Mysteriously, whether we believe the story or not
All this says is that 1953 underpins a reality.

In this power play there exists
A fifties world in which was born
The first woman, C. Mehrl Bennett
Who wrote the following poem:



The WHOLE of St. Louis is like,

At a LOSS, like, a

LOSER, chain smoking


This year

STINK became a team with

Everyone stinking and panting thru

46 damns on the Mississippi

From Lake Itasca to

The Gulf of Mexico


Time to

STAND UP your money


Make-believe the LOSER is

Stinking and panting HERE

INSIDE the shop



IT DON’T MATTER that you’re

Stinking and panting


Don’t we hold hands daily?



Shine up my carcass ’cause

I sell it on eBay and

Hey, it’s my money honey!


You DO believe me?

Don’t you?

Yes you DO but . . .

Then you DON’T


Yeah its



We paint THOSE people white and

THOSE people black


Harassed Sonya at Shanghai range

Because S$S$S$S$S$S$S$

You and she spent

ALL your money

On PAINT and shit


We AIN’T like stinking lizards and

AIN’T like any flopping blooms on earth!


You blew ALL your money so

ALL us pyromaniac gymnists

Can now speak for ourselves

BUT . . .

MOST appalling is that

ALL that money is


I’m NOT full of baloney or

Do you keep old meat?


ALL you wanna do is be

Slayin’  the lizard

Fighting it’s fire with

Shame and spit


Now ALL THAT reminds me . . .



Pant’in and shit’in from the

Daytime shine



ALL your poetry’s SO FAR OUT


We’ll have









NADA tonight!


C. Mehrl Bennett August 2013

Poem & Blog Post revised February 2015

NOTE: I read this poem at a “100,000 Poets for Change” event at Tribes gallery in NYC on October 28, 2013, after we both (JMB & me) received an invitation from Ron Kolm, notorius member of “The Unbearables” and a contributing editor to Sensitive Skin Magazine


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