Dec. 19 Collaborative Poems

Posted: December 20, 2015 in collaboration, poetry, Uncategorized
hand with pen 001 (2)hand with pen 001 (2)

Consult the dismembered
table laid with
tiny fingers and Q-Tips

Believe in yesterday's
trash which to
morrow was a wall
wrote on

No surprises, only silver
linings on a lake where
the sunk dust re
members you

as an origami animal


Foot Where 

Your shoe your g 
ristle have sock w 
ill ravel ork I 
f lavor all the t 
una en salada l 
eft in the compost buc 
ket with your under 
wear your legs and 
eye poked out t 
o smile a slice 
of lox shaped like l 
ips on mayo or a 
foot sliding from 
a plastic bag for 
nothing here I  
s any use to a sh 



Do you think?
Do you slow?
Why for art?
Why is air?
Is it said?
Is your moon?
This is why.
That is sky.
You are Tuesday.
You are whistle.
Feneck too layee.
Indendt nor clumb.


Neck of Nails

Dots blood or
corn beneath
the fingernails
inside my pocket
change the faucet
comb the sink
mock the ring
miss the sway
will be what it
ching yesterday
as nails hit the
driveway and
your neck was
opened like a bird

Pocket Chuff

too many piles
too many miles
too many faces
too many names
too many words
too many turds

too much dirt
too much shirt
too few actions
too few snores
two flights of stares
two nights of flares

stuffed in my pocket
chuffed in my ear


Change the fone in
loose neck dung in
mistletoe yr
flat shape yr reek
convection spoke
of moats between the
lines in yr palms he
ld up before the d
usty air duct they
behave like couch po
tatoes with speech ball
oons for hands no air be
hind the picture frames
Series of Six Collaborative Poems
John M. Bennett & C. Mehrl Bennett
December 19, 2015
  1. Jodine says:

    These are very interesting. I like how you have continued lines from the first letter. Thank you. Jx


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