Squirrels Are Like Rats

Posted: July 20, 2017 in Digital Art, drawing, mailart, Mailart Call, poetry, Uncategorized
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C. Mehrl Bennett squirrel greyed

Squirrels are like rats in that they forage and build nests

However, squirrels live in trees and rats are under foot

               But who am I to judge?


I am just another creature like a squirrel or a rat

We also forage and build out nests, fornicate

               and reproduce, nurture our offspring


As a mere creature of this larger universe

These overhead and underfoot beings

               seem AMAZING to me


Humans, all you seers and thinkers, doers and polluters

Stop and ask: What effect do we have on our environment?

               Long live the squirrel and the rat!


C. Mehrl Bennett 2017

Created for the SQUIRREL MAILART CALL, which anyone can send to:

Connie Jean, PO BOX 32032-0381, Cocoa Beach, FL 32932-0381


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