Phrases in Honor of InSignificance and My Third Eye

Posted: September 20, 2017 in Nothing Much, poetry, visual poetry
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comma fish

In Honor of Insignificance and My Third Eye

(k)Not left shoe or right arm but a finger sent on approval /
Control Your Artifices Transmog Martian Girl /
Old hat, still fluxing Spinga rabbits /
Boiling Bartok with a Radio Foot /
Ask A Cow of an Imaginary Color /
Them Those Hem Hose while Facing East /
Ohio Audio Chat: A Square is A Circle /
Dream Poems of Warhol Wednesdays /
With Woof, A Rose is A Nose /
Asemic Ying Yang and Wiggling Xs go together /
Drunken Spray leads to an eXcess of Lichen Smoke /
On this paper, Rotting Meat of Dangling Fools /
ILL NOISE is Not For Sale /
Make Art, Not Cents, Comma Fish /
The Triumph of Death – Ah Ha, Chicken! /
“I am Not A Tooth”, she said, as we conversed on the Edge of The Universe /

— C. Mehrl Bennett 2017

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