Marbled Animals

Posted: May 14, 2019 in art on paper, Artists Stamps, mailart
I took an acrylic paper marbling workshop and later found all these shapes within one of the sheets I'd made. The background is stamped ink patterns that I made by rolling textured beads on the stamp pad & then in lines onto the paper. I had made the beads years ago but had never used them to make jewelry. - C. Mehrl Bennett
BIRD LINGO artistamp design by C. Mehrl Bennett printed on preperforated stamp sheets from Pedro Pescador, of Black Rock City Post Office, 2019

Little book edition from my marbled critters project. This begins with an 8″x8″ inkjet print of nine scanned images (there are about a dozen total, cut from one sheet of marbled paper). Once I spray with clear acrylic/UV protectant & make strategic cuts, it will fold into a 2.55″ x 2.55″ booklet. If I unfold it at the center it will mail nicely in a first class envelope.


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