Seven Transducted Radio Clouds

Posted: August 12, 2019 in poetry, political commentary


Key Vibe: Local Bar in Dayton

Character: Text Lance Janice

Limited Bean Bag Range

One Hundred Ants

Jamming the Hall


Key Vibe: Sex Tense Buffalo

Character: Tic Tack Jack

Enabler Dead from Suicide

Impatient adolescents

Seek Peach Protector


Key Vibe: Traffic Attack

Character: Leader Lake Joan

ICE Lights a Fire

Limited Beds and Hours

Memorial Tourism


Key Vibe: Nude Bat Cube

Character: Plastic Bobby Pen

Migraine Policy Spittle

Forward Backstop

Walmart Bed Addiction


Key Vibe: Woodstock Memo

Character: Exhausted Hippy

Shed Flex Mop

Amazing Graze Mass

Pause Bone Shot


Key Vibe: Bump Stock Book

Character: Loop Tour John

Custom Lap Feel

Board a Bowler

Cancelled Logo


Key Vibe: kNocks News Next

Character: Twin Flat Florence

Match Book Poems

Seven Sieve Channel

Double Word Flaunt

C. Mehrl Bennett –  8/12/2019

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