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My accordian book titled: FOURTEEN PICTOGLYPH STORIES, was created using a series of pictoglyphs I designed. (See THIS separate posting at this blog for a slideshow about that accordian book)  I had these rubber stamps made from many of the glyphs.



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After arriving in NYC Friday, we spent the rest of the afternoon with Richard Kostelanetz and his very good friend, Nona Eleanor Ellis, at Kosti’s “RidgeWood-SoHo” studio/library/living space (including swimming pool). It’s a large converted warehouse right by a subway exit/entrance in the Queens/Bushwick area called Ridgewood. I really enjoyed examing his ‘word jars’, turning each in full to read. CLICK HERE to see my video of Kosti’s wordjars. John & Richard exchanged their books and discussed their forthcoming book, AMINIMA. We went with Richard to an art opening of a curated exhibit that focused on COLOR, and I got a few photos of the art and a nice one of John & Kosti. Afterwards we met our son, John Also, who still sometimes works for Richard (he is currently putting together his father’s & Kosti’s new book: AMINIMA) at a nearby Dominican restaurant, along with Kosti’s assistant and a young relative of Kosti’s. The next day – Nico Vassilakis, Bob and Marilyn R. Rosenberg, and John Also accompanied us to Sidewalk Cafe after a happy gathering at Katz’s. John had a last minute invite to read BEFORE Tribes at Sidewalk Cafe at the behest of Valery Oisteneau (who’d just returned from overseas) so we all were LATE getting back to Tribes to read in their 100,000 Poets for Change event, but it was OK, as Ron Kolm and a few others (Exp: Steve and Yuko Delachinsky) were in the same boat. The poetry reading at Tribes went well. Both of us read there. We were pleased to meet Stacey Sollfrey and her Louis at Tribes, and went out for a drink afterwords. We were thirsty as we’d been packed in Tribes like sardines, but still, Tribes was COOL! We met artist William (Bill) Anthony for brunch the next day and exchanged books. Bill signed his substantial retrospective book IRONIC ICONS for us and included an original drawing! That book is part of the Smithsonian collection and beautifully produced in hard cover, and in addition William Anthony’s books&papers are now part of The OSU Avant Writing Collection, which John curates, though there was some discussion with the OSU cartoon library before it landed with The Avant Writing Collection. After chewing the fat (french fries for Bill at the French restaurant connected to The Jane Hotel) we parted ways – then John & I spent spent the afternoon at MOMA- GREAT Rene Magritte special exhibit! – took a walk on the high line parkway – then went to a Mexican restaurant and wrote four cinquains while waiting for chicken mole. Speaking of eats – the BEST was Saturday in Chinatown, a DIM SUM style meal – well worth the wait! Many thanks to our son for taking us there. Bought some books for him at The Strand in appreciation.

BELOW is a photo taken by Bob Rosenberg of four of us artist/visual poets in front of KATZ’S Deli, all of whom are included in Nico Vassilakis and Crag Hill’s book THE LAST VISPO. I am holding my very first “chocolate egg creme” drink which Nico encouraged me to try… and I heartedly recommend! THE LAST VISPO is an anthology of visual poetry created between 1998 to 2008 – Nico Vassilakis and Crag Hill are primary editors, and there were four contributing editors, myself included. It was published last fall by Fantagraphics Press in Seattle OR. …So CLICK HERE to see the Luna Bisonte Prods Lulu website where you can find books by all FOUR LAST VISPO ARTISTS and more !

Nico and Marilyn exchanged books at Katz’s after Marilyn finished signing many copies of THE BOOK OF SOLES (SOULS), which is a collaboration between her and me. The last books that LBP published was the 2nd (revised) Edition of The Book of Soles (Souls) and Nico’s book, MOMENTS NOTICE. Both are full color visual poetry books.

Marilyn R. Rosenber, Nico Vassilakis, C. Mehrl Bennett, John M. Bennett

Marilyn R. Rosenber, Nico Vassilakis, C. Mehrl Bennett, John M. Bennett

What follows are
the four cinquains that
John and I wrote
in NYC on 9/29/2013
as we waited for chicken mole:

After big lunch
Beano in my pocket
And a bunch of sweating watch fobs
Lined up

Big Lint
Cloud over sun
Shredded fog under hat
Condensation dripping in my
Sharp sock

“y tu madre”
He said to his pet dog
Who was shitting in his big shoe
Box bed

I said “Sordo”
Sordo era ayer
Today I remember my ears

Notice of Harvey Pekar’s death appeared at after his death on July 12, 2010. I MISS HARVEY PEKAR, and am especially thankful for his valuable contributions to our culture, such as his books “American Splendor” and “My Cancer Years”.  My friend,  Sue Lense, did an interview with Harvey during the Ohioana Book Festival in Spring  2008, and I was there with my camera.  Sue is the illustrator and author of a comic she calls “Onion City”. Harvey referred to his 2008 collaboration with a local young cartoonist, Tara Seibel, in the interview, and you can view Tara and Harvey’s comics (Tara illustrates Harvey’s script) in Issues No. 47 thru Issue No. 49 from the “ARCHIVES” page of www.nakedsunfish (Editor: Rick Brown). Sue’s interview with Harvey Pekar appears in Issue No. 48, the July 2008 issue. Note that Sue’s comic, “Onion City”, is a regular item at www.nakedsunfish, as are my own digital images.

UPDATE NOTE!  SEE ISSUE NO.61at for Tara Seibel’s ODE TO HARVEY PEKAR… IT WAS JUST PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 12, 2010,  just one week after a big write up about Harvey Pekar in the New York Times.

Sue Lense and Harvey Pekar at 2008 Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus OH