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This series of images was used for a small inkjet printed accordian book which is about 2.20″ x 2.50″ folded. Some of the materials and processes I used to create it are presented in a section of this slide show. I have had a few of these glyphs made into rubber stamps to use in my correspondence art. CLICK HERE for a closer look at my rubber stamp designs that grew out of this process of drawing/writing my picto glyphs.


overview of Asemic Shadows with Cheryl PennCheryl Penn is an artist living in South Africa. See her book arts at THIS BLOG

We have exchanged mail art and have done a collaborative book together once before. This time Cheryl mailed six original 3.5 x 2.5 inch sections of a painting she did, along with a color photo of the original full sized painting. I scanned the six painted pieces and digitally dissected the color photo to create more page images for our book. Then I added my linear pictoglyphs, using her paintings as inspiration.


I inkjet printed nine of these, sprayed with UV protective coating, added varying collage elements, and different cord colors and beads to secure the book shut for storage. It was a real pleasure to work with Cheryl Penn’s painting for my fourth collaborative accordian book.

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black white blue purple dangle earringsMy ETSY website:

WHEN I HAVE ITEMS for sale, it most often includes visual poetry items like little books and occasionally jewelry items like earrings that I make.  But there are times when I stop stocking my ETSY store. More often my little books and artistamps get distributed via snail mail to other mailartists. Often I will gift the jewelry to friends and family, so jewelry does not remain on Etsy for long.

In the summer of 2012 I began to create short recordings by mixing sounds I record, my madeup songs, poems, etc…
and some of those audio files are can be accessed for free BY CLICKING HERE
A couple of these were sent to Rod Summers to use in an audio compilation he made, and many of my audio recordings have been part of vinyl records released by Psych.KG in Germany, keywords: poetry and soundart and fluxus, thanks to Detlev Andrea Hjuler and Kommissar Hjuler. Available in at